We are praying for you and your families. Please do not hesitate to contact or message me with any concerns or questions: abrenneman@wakymc.org

Your partner, Angie Brenneman

HOME Moments:

Click on the PDF’s below. In the PDF you will be able to access all media links (videos, songs, podcasts) and talking points. Please message me if you have any questions. abrenneman@wakymc.org

Sunday Family Moments:

4/5/2020 PALM SUNDAY Jesus’ Triumphant Ride

3/29/2020 Building Our House on THE ROCK

3/22/2020 Jesus Calms the Storms in our Hearts

Great Talk about Video, Music and Songs kids love, and Family Activity Time

3/15/2020 Letter and talking points on “Sabbath Rest”  A Family Moment for Sunday


3/17/2020  Music, Family Activity, Video for Elementary kids and Craft:

Lesson 1 Jesus is our friend

lesson 1 craft

Craft guide for Elementary: Lesson 1 basket-pattern

3/18/2020 Appropriate for Both Preschool & Elementary (Craft, Music, and Video)

Lesson 2 Jesus Heals

3/24/2020 Music, Fun Family Activity, Great talk-about Video

Lesson 3 – Jesus Helps us not be afraid

3/27/20120 ALL VIDEO Lesson: Courageous Kids Lesson 1

3/31/2020 – All VIDEO Lesson: Courageous Kids Lesson 2

Responding to the Coronavirus with Faith and Common Sense  , Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institute of Health 

Child Check-in FAQ

If you do not have a passcode to check in (4 digit code) talk with our Ministry Center personnel at Guest Check-in and they will help you check-in for Sunday Morning. We will then assign you and your family a code by the next Sunday. Thank you and feel free to call the church office or email Angie Brenneman at: abrenneman@wakymc.org with questions or concerns.

Can others pick my child up?

To pick up a child you must have a sticker with the matching security words received at check-in.