Our Advancement of the Gospel

How do you handle life when things do not go the way that you had planned? If you are like me, perspective in a challenging situation is a hard thing to maintain at times. I love the statement that has been attributed to the former, legendary college football coach, John McKay. USC had been humiliated 51-0 by Notre Dame. McKay came into the locker room and saw a group of beaten down, worn-out and thoroughly depressed young football players who were not accustola-sp-1019-dwyre-usc-notre-dame-20131019-001med to losing. He stood up on a bench and said, “Men, let’s keep this in perspective. There are 800 million Chinese who don’t even know this game was played.” That is what you call perspective.

The Apostle Paul modeled what it means to take advantage of all circumstances for the cause of Christ. He had every reason to be distracted from advancing the gospel while sitting in an underserved prison cell. He kept perspective, sharing and modeling his faith in such a way that it had an impact on both followers and non-followers of Christ. I would love for you to join me tomorrow at the Wakarusa Missionary Church, as I continue the series 1 in Christ from the book of Philippians. See you soon!